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Fall 2020 Internship Program

Philadelphia international Medicine has a non-compensated internship opportunity aiming to provide learning opportunities to an international student. The program goals are to support learning opportunities of students in the areas listed below and provide hands on experience on developing a project that will support the educational scope of the student.

This opportunity is aimed for a young scholar to partner with our global team to assist in developing support materials for patients coming to Philadelphia for treatment as well as information that will provide a better experience to our internal and external partners. In addition, the participant will be exposed to the difference facets of international healthcare outreach, business development, and accounting. The student is expected to participate in our weekly meetings and as needed according to his or her schedule. A monthly report of achievements is expected from the scholar during the internship.

By the time this internship is completed ,the participant will :

  • have a good understanding of the healthcare system in the United States, healthcare terminologies, some of the intricacies of working on specific international markets

  • gain experience in developing supporting customer service and multi-language business materials, which will assist the scholar in creating a basic professional business portfolio in any business setting

  • learn international marketing, branding, and advocating strategies through supporting and involving in PIM's campaigns in different countries - researching and generating various media content for targeted social media platforms

Students who are specifically interested in the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Accounting

  • Business Management

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation Management

  • International Business Administration

  • Marketing


  • Native Mandarin, Spanish or Arabic speaker with excellent writing skills in both

  • Cover letter with personal goals related to the internship

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae

  • Take provided HIPAA training (mandatory)

The position is remote and all applications must be submitted directly to

Note:This is a short term part time unpaid internship that will last 10-12 weeks or 200 hours. This program will aim specifically to provide opportunities to international Students and will have flexibility on the schedule.

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